Monday, April 29, 2013


Right outside of the PERC door, are boxes of FREE PERC items that PERC is giving away. There are books, a poster, 'element' cards, and VHS tapes.

Here is a list of some of the topics of the FREE books:
  1. Growing up
  2. Parenthood
  3. Happy Child
  4. Children
  5. The Family
  6. Raising Kids
  7. Proud Parents
  8. Grandparents
  9. Dads are special
  10. The Husband
  11. Scolding
  12. Someone else's kids
  13. Raising Children
  14. Marriage
  15. Self-guided program to succesful parenthood
  16. Gold medal family
  17. Surviving
  18. Being a parent
  19. Positive parenting
  20. Inner Parent
  21. Effective responsible parents and children
  22. Bonding
  23. Parent test
  24. Good kid book.
The Poster is a "Food Web" Poster.

Element cards are laminated and include some elements like Zinc, Copper, Nitrogen, Neon.

The VHS tapes include Preschool and Values

If you haven't stopped by PERC and seen what's outside the door: Or if any of these topics interests you, stop outside of PERC and have a look. You will gain more knowledge and an item or two.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Highlight: LOVE and LOGIC

Love and Logic provides practical teaching and parenting techinques to encourage adults to be consistent and effective in their efforts with kids. Our love and logic collection is on Compact Discs (CD's), which can be listened to on a CD player.

Here is a little information on Love and Logic, as well as a brief biography of the founders and voices of Love and Logic.

"This practical and straightforward philosophy is backed with 30 years of experience. Parents can apply it immediately to a wide range of situations instead of struggling with difficult counseling procedures.

Jim Fay-- Founder and former school principal. 30 years of experience as a speaker, consultant. Jim Fay has become one of America's most sought-after presenters in the fields of parenting, positive discipline, and classroom management

 Charles Fay, PhD-- President and school psychologist. Charles Fay, Ph.D. is a parent, author and consultant to schools, parent groups and mental health professionals around the world.

 Foster W. Cline, MD-- Founder and psychiatrist. Dr. Cline is an internationally renowned child and adult psychiatrist, as well as the co-author of Parenting with Love and Logic. His love of children and passion for changing lives."

Below is a list of some titles (not all) that we have in our collection of Love and Logic. If this interests you, try it out.

  1. Put the Fun Back into Parenting- Stories that Teach by Jim Fay
  2. Oh Great! What do I do now?- Parenting Remedies for when kids cook up the unexpected. By Charles Fay, Ph.D.
  3.  Parenting Teens with Love & Logic-Preparing adolescents for responsible adulthood. By Foster Cline, M.D. & Jim Fay
  4. When Kids Drain Your Energy- By Jim Fay
  5. Shaping Self-Concept- Encouraging Kids to take risks and learn- By Jim Fay
  6. Hope for Underachieving Kids- Opening the door to success with Love and Logic- By Jim Fay and Charles Fay, Ph.D.
  7. Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood. Practical Parenting from Birth to Six Years- By Jim Fay & Charles Fay, Ph.D.

PERC Volunteer Spotlight: Heidi Bird

Multiplication Educational Keyboard
"I like it because it's a learning activity which kids can self-check. They can use this "Educational Keyboard" by themselves. The more time they spend with it, the more they learn. It's a very good math tool." -Heidi Bird

New Item: Balderdash

Wondering how this game is played? A "dasher" is chosen, he/she then writes the correct definition of a chosen word. Everyone must then write what they think the definition is. All answers are read aloud in random order and players must guess which is the correct answer. Points are given for correct answers and correct guesses. 

Players who don't know the correct definition of a word can decide to 'make up' a definition: fictitious as it may be, if it's convincing enough, he/she may get points for it. 

There are many variations to this game and whatever way you play it, it's sure to be fun!