Wednesday, July 10, 2013

PERC Volunteer Spotlight: Margy

10 days in the USA

The unpredictable game of making connections

"I love to travel, and this game is just a fun, whimsical trip around the USA." -Margy

Highlight: STARWORDS

Starwords is a co-operative word game. Cooperative board games are awesome because players have to change their thinking from being the winner to helping the other players do good, so that everyone wins. It takes a smart mind to master cooperative board game strategy.You can't win unless you work together.

In this particular game, everyone makes words by looking at the pictures, then they must cover as many star spaces as can be covered.  This game is fun and entertaining for families, students, friends, and anyone who enjoys word games.

New Item: Brain rules for Baby

 Dr. John Medina shares what the latest science says about how to raise Smart and Happy Children from Zero to Five.

 He shows us how our brains really work, and you learn:
  1. nature vs. nurture, 
  2. why men should do more household chores, 
  3. what to do when emotions run hot, 
  4. the importance of your child's ability to relate to others, 
  5. smart and happy are inseparable in the brain, 
  6. the best predictor of academic performance, 
  7. the only parenting style proven to produce great kids.
According to Dr. John Medina, what you do right now will affect your children for the rest of their lives.