Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Highlight: Riddle Books and More!

 Find the items listed in the rhyme, or make up your own. The list will have you searching endlessly for them!  These riddle books will be fun and it will fill the mind with solving and finding an "item" in the picture.We have many riddle books in the Thinking and Reasoning section of PERC. Here are a few:

PERC Volunteer Spotlight: Angelina

Spot it!
A fun thinking and reasoning game.

"I love spot it because it is fun to play with both kids and adults. It doesn't take long to learn how to play and yet it doesn't get boring fast because there are multiple ways to play." -Angelina Sieber

New Item: Battleship Boardgame

Do you have what it takes to command your own fleet of five ships? Can you survive thrilling, ruthless combat on the high seas? Find out with this classic naval combat game. This game is all about sinking your opponents ships. The first player to sink all the other players ships wins the game!