Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Think fast with the Chain Game

The Chain Game links words, by using a word you hear, then combining it with another word, but not repeating a full word of what has already been said. Here is an example:

Player 1 reads: "Weekend"
Player 2 thinks: "Weekday"
Player 3 thinks: "Weeknight"
Player 4 thinks: "Stary night"
Player 1 thinks: "Good night"
Player 2 thinks: "Good Bye"
Player 3 thinks: "Good Riddens"
Player 4 thinks: "Good Bye"

--- Oops. Player 4 looses this round because of the Repeat, and must give one link in his/her chain to another player. In the end, the person with the most links in his/her chain wins! Try it out with the other cards in the picture.

This game is fun and it really gets you thinking about those short one/two common words that we use in life. This game is very enjoyable. You can find it in the Thinking/Reasoning Section of PERC.