Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rings and gears and monkeys! Oh my!

We received some extra funding this year so we're having fun adding to our collection of educational toys. Here are some of the new things we acquired this week:

Meadow Ring Toss
Kids enjoy practicing their aim with this ring toss. Set up the three wooden posts, then toss the rope rings. Colored beads on each ring match colored symbols on the bases of the post. This one will be very popular as spring is coming.

Gears & Puzzles Deluxe
Put the puzzle pieces together, add the colorful gears, turn the crank and watch them go! This set can be assembled in countless ways, letting children use their creativity and see cause and effect in action. I think this is my new favorite.
Balancing Monkeys
This new toy combines motor skills and math. Children can see how the distance from the tree changes the balance of the monkeys. A lesson in basic physics for the preschool set.
For more of our new acquisitions, visit our online catalog and click on What's New.