Wednesday, August 14, 2013

PERC Volunteer Spotlight: Heidi


"I like this one because it's easy, it's only one piece, and you can't loose it. It's fun, kids can sit and think. Perplexus captures their minds and it's almost like a video game; but it's not, they're figuring out a maze. I like the thought process and seeing my kids figure out how it works." -Heidi Bird

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Item: 50 Brain Games

These Usborne activity cards are full of brain-bending puzzles and riddles that will test your brain power. Try it out, it's sure to be fun!

Highlight: Quiet Books


Flannel story boards are wonderful, because kids get to participate in the learning process. Here is a list of a few flannel story's:

The Bear Facts About Health

There are so many topics that can be found with flannel boards storybooks. Bible Stories, math, language, health, music, Book of Mormon stories, Jesus, and classic tales,