Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Item: Learning Mats

 Improve your child's understanding in all these areas with these Learning Mats. The mats are writable and have great pictures. Here is a list of subjects we have on the Learning Mats:

Set the Table
Fire Engine

United States
Numbers 1-10
Counting to 100
Discovery Landscape Picture

Blog Highlight: Spanish Section

Here at PERC, we have a section just for learning to speak Spanish, playing games, or reading books in Spanish. We have Flash Cards, Bingo, Dictionary's, CD's, DVD's, books, and lots of other learning materials to help you. If it interests you, check it out the next time you are in PERC.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Volunteer Spotlight: Lily

"A favorite item at PERC is the Science Crafts for kids. If you have a kid/kids that love to create, invent on their own, and love challenge, this is a book to consider. A long hours of trial and errors, hands on activities in science build confidence and who knows? a budding future scientist!" -Lily