Wednesday, November 3, 2010

For Beginning Readers

"I 'm Reading Now!" These books are great for beginning readers. The characters are Ruby and Ben. There are 8 Scholastic books in one pack. So when you check these books out, it is checked out as one item.
"I'm reading now!" takes a whole-language approach to a child's language learning. The pages use whole words, pictures, and some repetition. It is simple. In some cases, you may read the first page to your child, and he/she will figure out the words on the next page. These books give material as a whole, children can learn to understand how the English language functions. There are variations to the whole-language approach; but, it mainly stresses the importance of natural language learning. Again, children can read whole words, look at pictures, and use the repetitiveness of these books to determine what they are reading.
Studies have shown that the use of this approach and another approach (Phonics Approach) is highly beneficial to your child's ability to learn and read.
You can find these books in the Beginning Language section of PERC and take it home to read with your child(ren). It will benefit them greatly.
A goal for this month is to read to you child for at least 20 min./week, if you have more time set
your goal to 20 min./day. If you already read 20 min./day to your child, Keep up the good work! Good luck! (note: it does not have to be just these books)

Let us know how you do!