Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Solid Wood Game

This game is called Octiles. It may be played with 2-4 players . The objective is to get your colors to the side that is directly opposite from you-- while using the different tracks to guide your way. The first player to get all his/her colors to the opposite side will achieve the status as "winner".

The set up includes setting the board and it's pieces in place, stack the playing pieces just like it's shown in the picture, each player takes a turn at laying the track down and moving their piece. Just as it is shown in the picture. You will get stuck, but must strategically place your tracks in the right place.

This is a fun filled family game perfect for 8 year olds to adults. This maze-crossing path-changing strategy game comes with instructions and playing pieces.It can be found in the thinking and reasoning section in The Parent Education Resource Center.