Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Socializing Game

It is time to try something new! The name of this game is "Untrivia." This game is directed towards adults and it is for adults. We have many items for adults to use to entertain themselves as well as their children.

This game- "Untrivia," is great way to start conversations with your friends and/or spouse. You will see the different ideas that exist, and see what he/she knows about certain topics.

The topics of this game include:
  • Raising your children
  • Health & First Aid
  • Your House & Home
  • Gardening
  • Everyday Law
  • Pets
  • Kitchen & Cooking
  • Vehicles
  • Travel
  • The Workshop

Also included is a game board, die, play pieces, and a question & answer book. The Answer book will solve all the problems. Think it could be fun? Come and try it out! Play it with other adults. Have some fun socializing!